poniedziałek, 11 czerwca 2012

piątek, 1 czerwca 2012

Real or fake?

Real or fake?

Update: It's real! It's called "Tunnel of Love" and it's located in Kleven, Ukraine.

wtorek, 29 maja 2012

Powerful surfing

Here is something to start new week with little more power.
Garrett McNamara surfs the biggest wave ever (90 feet, 27.5 meters) around Nazare, Portugal.

Unfortunately you cannot use Weather Hopper to check surf conditions (yet), however you can see current weather and historical averages:



sobota, 26 maja 2012

VW travelling

Buy a camper VW Bus, travel the world, live, cook and sleep in it. Enjoy several bonuses that comes with your new lifestyle:

- flexibility, live anywhere and anytime
- minimalism, leave stuff you don't really need behind
- low living cost, it can be cheaper than your usual monthly cost and regular tourist expenses

Besides, it's beautiful.